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WWDC 2006 Keynote - Live Coverage

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This page uses the latest web technologies to provide live coverage of this event. The page will not visibly refresh as it has in the past -- instead updates will be automatically inserted at the top of the updates section. Do not reload manually.

Apple's World Wide Developers Conference commences on the 7th of August, with Steve Jobs giving the keynote presentation at 10am Pacific. It is not anticipated that there will be a live video broadcast of the keynote and so MacRumors will provide live coverage on this site.

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Live Updates
12:01 pm23" Cinema display only $999
11:45 am
11:38 am30" Cinema display now only $1999
11:33 am
11:25 amThat's all folks - thanks for watching
Special thanks to our sources on the floor for continuous coverage
11:25 amThank you for coming
over 1000 engineers on site
new mac pros in hands-on sessions
11:24 amLeopard to ship in coming Spring
11:24 amstart taking advantage of all this tech so your apps are awesome when they all come out
11:24 amall tech included in Mac OS X Leopard
developer preview TODAY
11:23 ambackup and recovery of entire digital life
11:23 amSpaces - whole new way
and of course, Time Machine
11:23 amrevolutionary tech of tiger to the next level - spotlight, dashboard, webclip
developer tools with dashcode
xcode 3.0 released today
giant leap in xcode
11:22 amnew universal access
parental controls dramatically enhanced
Boot camp 1.0
next gen of front row
didn't talk about ical - moving to multiuser
11:22 amcore animation
11:22 amfull 64 bit top to bottom
11:21 amthese are just 10 of the many new features in Leopard
11:21 amreally excited about it
11:21 amichat theater demo over
11:21 am"life at apple is a rollercoaster" - Steve
11:20 am"A lot of fun" - rollercoaster
11:20 ammotion backgrounds
11:20 amif you can do photos, you can do VIDEO too. :)
11:20 amPhil changes to Times Square
11:19 amSchiller changes his background - no green screen - steps out of frame, set the background, automatically masks out background
11:19 amBackdrops - wouldn't it be great if you could be somewhere other than where you are?
11:19 amshowing the "virus" Mac vs. PC commercial
11:18 amgreat for remote client collaboration on projects
11:18 amtransitions & effects work
11:17 amKeynote presentation the same way - done across iChat video connection
11:17 amSchiller in little window on side of screen
11:17 amSchiller showing photo stream while talking to steve
11:17 amdemo'ing iChat Theater
11:17 amamazing real time effects
"it's a little weird" - steve
11:16 amhaving fun with filters
11:16 amjay leno look
11:16 amphotobooth effects
11:16 amichat video conference with Phil Schiller
11:15 amdemos
11:15 amshow keynote presentation
11:15 amshow slides to family and friends
iphoto slideshow that you can talk over
11:15 amichat theater
11:14 ammake it better - multiple logins, visibility, animated icons, video recording, and tabbed chats
11:14 am10) seriously enhance iChat
11:13 amWEBCLIP:
11:13 amDASHCODE shot:
11:13 amjust created 5 live widgets on stage
11:12 amdashboard demo over
11:12 amWIDGETS:
11:12 amNOTES:
11:11 amNYT bestseller list widget - you can now make your own just from the NYT web page
11:11 amturn top 10 download page into a widget - now you can do it yourself
11:11 amlive widget of a section of a web page
11:10 amdoing another demo
11:09 amwith about 4 clicks, widget created
11:09 amcomic strip - dilbert
want a widget of that strip
use Webclip - button in safari to make a widget of that comic strip
11:09 amactive desktop?
11:08 amfor the users:
way to turn any part of any web page into a widget
11:08 am*debugger*
11:08 amfull javascript logger
11:08 amalso ships with parts library - search fields, etc.
drop into your widget and you're done
11:07 amgreat visual editor for CSS
11:07 amall the hard part done - modify it to produce the widget you're looking for
RSS, podcasts, etc.
11:07 amto help that along -
1) For developers: dashcode
helps to design, develop and debug dashboard widgets
11:06 amone of our favorite features of tiger
not only because of starter widgets, but because of all the fantastic 3rd party widgets - over 2500 available today
11:06 am9) dashboard
11:06 amonly 3 of the really cool features added to mail
11:05 am"it's that easy to create ToDo's" - checkbox
11:04 amdemo of ToDos
11:04 ameasy to create notes
11:04 amnotes stand out in mail
11:03 amNotes demo
11:03 amvery easy to send rich mail
11:03 amphoto browser window to help find images to add
11:03 amcan drag & drop, or start with a previously done mail message and edit to add in stationary
11:02 amcompose new message
pick a stationary - showing the options shipping in leopard
finds some photos - drop and move around
11:01 ambrings up mail
11:01 amdemo
11:01 amone system-wide to-do tracker
11:01 amany app can contribute and create to-dos
ical tied into it
11:01 amcheckbox on emails to create to-do
11:00 amcan take any incoming mail message and turn it into a to-do
11:00 ampriority, alarms, etc.
11:00 amTo Do list - want something more powerful than just notes to keep track of things
select something - can make it a "to do" item
11:00 amadding it to leopard - new special mailbox called "notes" to keep them separate
10:59 amNotes:
used to send email to myself to make notes of things to take care of - must be a better way to do this
10:59 am"boom" and send it out
including lots of templates
10:59 amcan send like that to anyone and will look like this on the other end
10:58 amstationary:
photos, email - would be great to apply stationary and have it look incredible in mail - industry standard html email
10:58 amreally great things - new creative things
stationary added
notes added
to-do's added
10:58 ammajor enhancements - mail
10:57 amnext up: the big one
10:57 amstill clean, understandable.
10:57 amone of the things users like to do is speed things up - voiceover speeds up flawlessly
10:56 amcrowd is very impressed
10:56 amvoiceover voices are very natural
10:56 amTIME MACHINE screen shot:
10:55 amSPACES LOGO:
10:55 amnew voiceover is incredible - sounds like a real person reading.
10:54 amusing Apple boilerplate info from bottom of press releases
10:54 ambest way to show this: "voiceover" - demo
text to speech
10:54 ambetter ways to navigate the system
10:54 amrails supports - closed captions for quicktime
10:53 amfocusing on access for leopard
10:53 amOS X is great - we want everyone to have a chance to use it
10:53 amlots of power to easily add rich interactivity to your apps
10:53 amwritten in half the lines of a typical screen saver to produce better results
10:52 amzoom, fly camera around where you want
10:52 amall you have to do is specify a start and an end, and it figures everything out automatically
10:52 amdemo is a screen saver
10:52 amvery easy to work in - move items around on their own layers
albums of photos, videos - just scratching the surface
10:51 amdemo
icon for it is same as other core items, but purple
10:51 amcore animation handles everything in between - color, size, opacity, all kinds of things
10:50 amstart space, goal space, & keyframes
10:50 amthousands of layers - text, images, video, openGL, almost anything
10:50 amtime machine built on core animation
10:50 amallows you to dramatically increase the production value of your applications
10:50 am"CORE animation"
sorry :)
10:49 am6) more animations
10:49 amwhat you're looking for is often right there without doing a search
10:49 amprepopulated with recent stuff you've been doing
10:49 amadding recent items to spotlight
10:49 ammaking it a great app launcher
10:49 amspecify file type and other dev requests will be added in leopard
10:48 amadvanced search - lots of feedback from devs
10:48 amif at home with several macs, you can search them all
and search workgroup servers at the office
10:48 amenabling spotlight to search OTHER machines if you have permissions
10:47 amone of the great features of tiger - instantly search for any file by all sorts of things
making it even better in leopard
10:47 am5) spotlight
10:47 ambuilt in to leopard
10:47 amspaces lets me create collections of apps for different tasks that's intuitive
10:46 amcan drag info from one desktop to the other
10:46 am"very cool"
10:46 amSteve showing how to use multiple desktops for different jobs - working on web pages, etc.
10:45 amCORRECTION FROM PREVIOUS FOR MAC PRO: dual 2.66 Xeon, 1 GB RAM, Geforce 7300 GT (256 MB VRAM), SuperDrive, $2499
10:45 amMail & Safari
10:45 amcreate different spaces for different clusters of apps to work together
10:44 am"space"
10:44 am4) Virtual Desktops
10:43 amnext gen front row & photo booth built into leopard
10:43 amfront row - access to all of your media from across the room sitting on your couch
10:43 am1/2 million downloads
will ship as part of leopard
10:43 amreaction to boot camp has been good
10:42 amshipping all as part of leopard
boot camp will be included
10:42 am3) deliver complete package
some really cool beta software now
10:42 amabsolutely the best way to back up everything you have, store everything, and find what you need that you thought you didn't
10:41 amjumped right to photos
10:41 amiphoto demo of rolling to the past
10:41 ammoved to backup system
10:40 amcan find entire roll of deleted photos back in time
10:40 amworks in iPhoto
10:40 amseries of windows receeding into the distance
10:40 amcan search for documents in the past
10:39 amgreat for finder - but can work with 3rd party apps as well
10:39 amit is that easy to go back in time and restore what you want to restore
10:39 amdesktop "warps" back to place in time
10:39 amfile previews without going through full restore
10:38 amdevs are impressed
10:38 amfinder windows "warping" forward
10:38 amcan go back a day - or two days
10:38 amtimeline on right-hand side
10:37 amvisual representation of moving through time
10:37 amfinder windows move through timeline on the side of the machine through time - very cool to watch
10:37 aminstantly back
10:37 amwith time machine, you can get those files back by entering a date or time
10:36 amfinder windows
important stuff
10:35 amever had time where you work on a doc and you do a save as and overwrote the wrong one?
10:35 amcoolest part - and reason we call it that - whole new way of backing up files
10:35 ambackup to HD, or server
10:35 amcan restore everything, or just one file at a time
10:34 amcan be right where you were when the HD drive
10:34 amautomatically backs up mac
you change a file, it automatically backs up
photos, music, documents, files folder, everything
then you can restore everything
10:34 amplan to change all of that
Time Machine
10:33 amhow many use automated software to stay always backed up?
only 4%
10:33 amdig a little deeper - most that say they are are manually dragging files & folders into another drive
not really secure
10:33 amonly 26% of users back up in any way whatsoever
10:32 amwe all know we should, but lots of people don't
10:32 amhow to combat loss of information on hard drives - backups
10:32 am2) Time machine
10:31 amcan run 32 bit apps side by side with 64 bit - no emulation, no translation
full support, top to bottom
10:31 amdid in a completely 32 bit compatible way
10:31 amhave a fully native 64 bit UI carbon app
10:31 amin leopard - giant leap forward - extend support all the way through UI framework into applications
10:30 ampreviously at unix layer
10:30 am1) support for 64 bit applications
10:30 ammajor things in leopard demo:
10:30 amdon't want photocopiers started too early
10:29 amtop secret features not being shown, just not letting you know what they are.
10:29 amwhat we can't show:
10:29 amwe're working on Leopard
giving preview of Leopard today
10:29 am"money isn't everything" in R&D
10:29 amJobs back on stage
10:28 amif you can't innovate, impersonate (shows pic of Elvis impersonator)
10:27 ammaking jokes - crowd laughing
10:27 amredo windows logo to have an aqua feel
10:27 ammail, calendaring, address book
moved search to top right of screen
wow - the innovation
10:26 amRSS
10:26 amelegant and powerful
10:25 amspotlight
10:25 amspecific screen shots of Tiger vs Vista
10:25 amthey actually seem to have done that...
10:25 am"Redmond - start your photocopiers"
10:25 ampoking fun at Redmond
10:25 amBetrand takes stage
10:24 amWhat's our competitor been doing for the last 5 years?
10:24 amlots more announcements during the next week
10:24 amyou guys have done a phenomenal job
10:24 amapps that run on both PowerPC & Intel - now over 3000 UB apps
All of us at Apple want to say "thank you"
10:23 amenabled amazing transition to occur in 210 days
86 million lines of source code ported to run on a different chip
pretty amazing
10:23 amsoftware team did a magnificent job moving it to Intel
10:23 amwe have a 6th major release - Tiger on Intel
10:22 amApple's most successful software product ever.
10:22 ammajority of users
lots of critical acclaim
best and most advanced computers
10:22 am5 major releases - starting in spring of '01
progressions of software - 19 million active OS X users
10:21 amOS X - what have we been doing?
10:21 amsoftware
10:21 amJobs back on stage
10:21 amcompare to latest dells - beats everything in the category, performance/price
$3293 for a comp Dell
$2999 for standard config of xServe
10:20 amentirely built to order
up to 1 million configurations
10:20 amup to 5 terabytes of storage
10:19 amamazing performance - new features, more space, adds redundant power supply
10:19 amwith smaller chip, footprint, easier to get faster chips in
5x faster than machine it replaces
10:19 amstill 1U footprint
10:19 ambuilt on Xeons - quad performance
similar to specs of Mac Pro
10:18 amxserves - entirely new
10:18 amincredible - performance and value
10:17 amone more product
10:17 amnobody else could pull this off
10:17 amtransition finishes today - just 210 days
10:17 amjoins rest of great products to intel
10:17 amcrowd erupts in applause
10:17 amstarts shipping TODAY
10:16 amproc speed - all quad, up to 3ghz
16 GB memory
2 TB storage
graphics up to radeon x1900 or FX4500
wireless BT & Airport

up to 5 million configurations
10:15 amBTO options
10:15 amcrowd VERY happy
10:15 am$1000 more to get close from Dell
10:15 am"usually more expensive" - great product to bust that myth
10:15 amprevious fastest was $800 more than that
10:14 am2.6 Ghz dual
256 MB ram
10:14 am1 standard incredible configuration
10:14 amprocessors fit in compact space - leaves lots of room in case for full size ram, drives, everything
10:13 amdrive carriers - insert drives without tools - just snap into place
10:13 aminside, entirely new
10:13 amdesign of case stays the same
10:13 amgraphics slot at bottom - double wide for larger graphics cards
10:12 amback - 4 PCI express slots
10:12 amincreased front I/O as well as back I/O
10:12 amsecond optical drive
10:12 amup to 2 TB of internal storage
10:12 amless cooling in box
room for 4 hard drives
10:12 ameach on it's own - 25GB/sec bandwidth
256 bit wide memory access
twice the bus of the G5
10:11 am"it's a great chip"
10:11 amaround 2x faster in xcode
10:11 ameveryday apps performance
taken a bunch of apps and tested the speeds
around 2x speed increase in real-world use
10:11 am1.6 to 2.1x faster than the G5 quad
10:10 ambig jump in performance
10:10 amcompare to G5
10:10 amevery Mac Pro gets 2 of them
10:10 amamazing processor
10:09 amup to 3x a Xeon
10:09 amdeliver tremendous performance per watt
10:09 am64 bit
10:09 am128 bit vector engine
10:09 amlarge 4 MB shared L2 cache
10:09 amup to 3 Ghz
10:08 amall dual core
10:08 ambased on core 2 duo
10:08 amwoodcrest processors
10:08 amold case - two optical drives
10:08 amMac Pro
10:08 amgood morning - so excited
10:08 amSchiller takes the stage
10:08 amPowerMac -
says it's goodbyes
10:07 amfirst 2 quarters - almost all shipped with Intel
10:07 amfirst intel in January - great new tech from Intel
10:07 ammarketshare skyrocketed in June
10:06 ammacbook - incredible success
macbook pro leads the lineup
10:06 amother great thing - 3/4 of macs shipped were intel-based
10:06 amgrowth rate dramatically faster - gaining marketshare
10:06 amshipped 1.3 million macs
10:05 amon to today - the Mac
last 1/4 - best Mac quarter ever
10:05 amlast 12 months - 1/2 a billion $ of 3rd party products - your products
10:05 amof new purchases, 50% are new to the mac
10:05 amlast quater - 17 million visitors to the stores
10:04 am1 of 157 stores
10:04 amtalking about 5th avenue store in NYC
10:04 amasked collegues to help
Schiller & others
10:03 am1000 apple engineers on site
1 engineer for every 4 attendees
10:03 am100 hands on labs
10:03 am140 specials on everything mac during the conference
10:03 amall are part of 3/4 of a mlllioin registered developers for mac
10:02 amfolks from 48 countries
10:02 amwe've got 4200 registered attendees - largest wwdc ever
10:02 amwelcome to wwdc 06
thanks so much for coming
10:02 amcrowd erupts in applause
10:02 amall part of "I'm a PC" intro
10:01 amcrowd laughs
10:01 amwork on your tans
work on poetry, art
10:01 amstop making seemless software that just works
10:00 am"personal message from steve jobs" - take the rest of the year off.
10:00 amcrowd goes wild - Jobs takes the stage
10:00 amApple online store still down
9:59 amcrowd getting loud - music getting louder
9:59 ammultiple people holding up laptops for video feed of room - spinning around for the full view
9:59 amlarge number of people with macbooks or macbook pros - anything with a web cam trying to ichat a/v in center
9:58 amspontaneous crowd applause - false alarm
9:57 amRed Hot Chili Peppers playing now
9:57 ammusic still playing in hall - show hasn't started yet
9:57 amApproximately 4 minutes to go
9:56 amattendees in audience are discussing rumored products
9:55 amnothing new revealed in Moscone Center - banners still covered
9:54 amSteve's demo station looks like a regular cinema display with external isight
9:53 amApproximately 7 minutes until beginning of the keynote speech by Steve Jobs
9:52 amPlease turn off all cell phones and paging devices
9:52 amat least a dozen to 16 large video cameras - news agency style
9:52 amvideo cameras on far left side of auditorium
9:51 amthe entire hall is filling now
9:51 amthe VIP section is full
9:51 amspecial thanks to our sources in the Moscone Center for live coverage
9:50 amcrowd starting to take seats - music playing in background
9:49 amjust played postal service
playing daft punk now
9:47 amengadget offering multiple pictures:
9:46 amApproximately 15 minutes until the beginning of the keynote speech
9:41 amApproximately 20 minutes until the beginning of the keynote speech
9:30 amApproximately 30 minutes until the beginning of the keynote speech
9:29 amApple online stores are down
9:20 amapproximately 40 minutes until the beginning of the keynote speech
9:18 am
9:11 amfrom AppleMatters: "Interestingly Apple has 5.8 ghz wireless that only works on the new Macbook Pro. Stayed tuned."
9:07 amKeynote is set to begin in 53 minutes.
9:06 amWelcome to live coverage of the WWDC 06 Keynote speech. will have live coverage. Please stay tuned and do not reload this page manually.
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