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That's it.  Devs get a copy of Tiger Preview.

iChat. Been a huge success. Video conferencing in Tiger based on h.264. significantly
improved quality.  Most requested feature: talk to multiple people. 10 people in audio. 3
additional in video. Demoing.

Next: Automater.  Visual scripting. Has access to iLife apps. Demo of Automater.
Easy to use. Left hand side are categories of actions.  as you click a category
the actions appear in a list below. Actions can be linked ... where the results of
first action are provided to second action. (example is getting images from website
and adding to iphoto library, then creating iDVD slideshow).

Accessory widgets, and widgets that go to the web and find stuff for you.

Dashboard: addressbook, calculator etc... hit one button to pull them all up.
"expose for widgets".  Showing itunes controller, etc...

Next: .Mac. Over 1/2 million subscribers. Building a sync engine right into tiger.
also using for .Mac syncing throughout tiger. New .Mac preference panel to turn things
on and off in once place.  Good for those with more than one Mac. Sync addresses,
screensavers etc... across computers.

Demoing Core Image/Video.

Similar to core Audio, provides APIs, tools for developers for manipulation of media.

New tech: Core Image and Core Video.  doing processing in graphics processor (GPU), not the CPU.
all done with floating point precision.  realtime filters. over 100 professional quality
filters.  just like audio units, you can extend with image and video units to extend it
any way you want.  similar to audio units/coreaudio. avail to dev to write any apps
they want.

New search field in Safari for RSS. Shows search in Google, but says there's a delay by days.
Instead can search RSS feeds, and presents them together.

Wouldn't it be great to aggreate rss feeds and search through them for things you
want?  Demoing Safari's RSS reader.

Now: Safari. We're going to take it a step further.  New thing - RSS. Get all this data
from sites and format it how you want.  List of site that offer RSS sites (MacRumors,
surprisingly, was not mentioned... though we do have one :) )

"the efficiency of the codec is absolutely incredible"

Next generation MPEG4. h264. scalable. Apple is adopting. Adopted for
hi-def DVD. Coming in Quicktime/Tiger.  Introducing Frank Cassanova
to demo it.

Full context indexing (pdfs etc..).

Spotlight is system wide.  upper right hand corner is a mag glass button
click it. get a search field. type in a search term.  get a popdown list of all sorts of things
images, mail, contacts etc...

System Preferences - removed bar at top.  Uses spotlight tech.  type in
what you are looking for. it hilights the control panels.
example of helping people find stuff in existing app.

Spotlight demo.  Can search in mail, addressbook etc...

Some features:

- Unix. 64-bit.
- Better SMB support.
- Most revolutionary feature: searching. too many folders now on our hard disk.
How to solve it?  We already have solved it. in iTunes, you can find a song by
title artist, album etc... in a second, just by typing into the search field.
Apply to the entire system. "Spotlight" search tech. You can ask it stuff like
find my keynote presentation by phil which I opened last week.

With panther, leapt ahead of competition.  We think tiger will catapult us
even further ahead. over 150 new features.  Some are just groundbreaking.

Starting today, or focus is on Tiger. ships in 1st half of 2005.

Discussing more third party developers...demoed myst revelations, 
orbit - satellite simulator. Guitar rig.

Welcoming general manager of Alias to talk about new developments with 
Alias. 25% of worldwide sales are now on Mac. Maya Unlimited coming to 
Mac OS X. Maya Unlimited coming in late summer and a commitment to
continue to support the Mac.

Going over apps by Adobe, Oracle etc...

Mentioning a few applications.  MS Office.  It's great.  Better than
Windows version.  Ran into Bill Gates a few weeks ago and his company
feels that their relationship with Apple is better than ever.

Now, onto Mac OS X. 12 million people on OS X. About 1/2 of our
installed base. 12 thousand native apps.

New Graphics card costs $599. they all share the
one cable out which provides DVI, Firewire, USB.

Also - now - largest display ever. 30" Display. 4.1million pixels.
same one piece alumn enclosure. firewire/usb. only works with PowerMac
since needed a new graphics card.  existing cards could not drive it.
needs two dvi connections running in parallel.

Today: completely new version of the 23" display.  Showing it.
Aluminum enclosure. one piece alumnium stand. Small bevel.
One cable from the monitor which then splits.

Now talking about Displays. We have the best displays. Our competitors buy panels we reject.

25% increase for IBM. 12% increase for Intel over the same time period.

Now, would like to talk about PowerMacs. Reviewing recent releases. 1.25GHz front side bus.
Addressing the 2.5GHz vs 3GHz promise. Explaining that they shifted from 130nm to 90nm,
but the whole industry hit the wall at 90nm and is a lot harder than people thought.   
So the speed increases have been relatively small compared to previous experience.  
Still says they are doing well in the industry but less then previously

Showing video about the iPod/LivingRoom/Car integration.

Last week - introduced our first big breakthrough interfacing iPods and Cars.  
Talks about BMW announcement/integration.

Talking about popularity of iTunes, iPods. A lot of people want to play music in their living room.  
Reviews AirTunes/Airport Express. can stream music from your computer to your stereo, 
integrated with itunes.

3500 registered developers here.  17% increase over last year.

People are seating.  Music is playing.  

No updates Yet... event starts at 1pm EDT.

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