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Welcome to the Live Coverage site. This site provides live coverage of Apple events such as the WWDC and MacWorld San Francisco keynotes.

The MWSF 2007 Keynote has taken place and this is a record of the live transcript

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11:27 amApple's site has been updated - - and the Apple Store (UK Store) is back online
11:12 amSpecial thanks to our correspondents on the keynote floor providing us with unprecedented live coverage via: text, audio, and photos.

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11:10 amthanks for joining us - the keynote is now over
11:10 amShow is over - James Brown's "I feel good" comes back on
11:10 amSteve back on stage
11:09 amSteve and John hug
11:09 amapplause
11:09 amSong is now over
11:07 am"waiting for the world to change"
11:07 amBeginning another song
11:06 amMayer still on stage, thanking steve for making life more fun
11:06 amapplause
11:06 amMayer still on stage playing - just him
Song is now over
11:04 amThe Mac Observer: Steve choked up while thanking the families of his employees (for all the time they spent on the new products)
11:03 amsong is "Gravity"
11:03 amiLounge: "Not a lot of traditions at Apple, but one is that John Mayer has helped at almost every Macworld."
11:02 amlive music playing...
11:02 amwelcome John Mayer
11:02 amnominated this year for 5 grammy awards
11:02 amJohn Mayer is there - agreed to come and perform
11:01 amSpecial treat today
11:01 ammore applause
11:01 amhaven;t seen in the past few months
11:01 amthanks families.
11:00 amgives a round of applause to developers from apple in the audience
11:00 amlong appplause
10:59 amstanding O
10:59 amthank you very much,.
10:59 amgretzky
10:59 ami skate to where the puck is going to be not where it has been.
10:59 amgoing back over history
10:58 amno more Apple Computer, inc.
10:58 amfrom this day forward known as Apple, inc.
10:58 amname change!
10:58 amtoday we have added to the mac and the ipod not appletv and iphone
10:58 amThe Mac Observer: "it appears that apple will support the phone, not cingular"
10:57 amtry to grab 1%
10:57 am1% is 10 millions phones
10:57 ammobile phones 957m sold worldwide
10:57 ampc's 209m
10:57 ammp3 135m
10:57 amcameras 94m
10:57 am26m game consoles sold
10:57 am2006
10:57 amhe would mess it up and as soon as they would fix it he would switch it back
10:56 ampeople watching star trek
10:56 amwoz would have in pocket
10:56 amwhen i was in high school woz and i made a dvice called tv jammer
10:56 ambackstage scramble...
10:55 amuh oh...
10:55 am"clicker is not working"
10:55 am"how big it is"
10:55 amlook at Apple's Market Share
10:54 amcingular commercial is over - back to steve
10:54 amnote - iPhone prices include a 2 year contract - FYI
10:53 ammulti-year exclusive partnership
only available from Cingular or Apple
10:52 amworking to make sure integration works
10:52 ambrick and mortar + online retail stores - incredible distribution model
10:52 amreading off cards - regular business talk
10:51 ambest voice and data experience available
10:51 amfewest dropped calls, etc...
10:51 amgiving a Cingular commercial...
10:50 amtruly "raising the bar" with this partnership
10:50 amnew at&t family - help fulfill vision of all things on one device
10:50 amexceeded expectations
10:50 amevery time he sees it it is just "wow"
10:49 amentered agreement without ever even seeing the device
10:49 ambeen working on it for some time
10:49 amStan - congratulations
10:49 amStan Sigman
10:49 ampurchase at Apple or Cingular stores
10:48 amintroduce CEO of Cingular to the stage
10:48 amvisual voicemail requires better networks
10:48 aminnovation on the phone and the network
10:48 amexclusive partner in the US
10:48 amcingular*
10:48 amcincular is the partner
10:47 amasia 2008
10:47 amEurope by Cal4 this year
10:47 amFCC approval takes 2 months
10:47 amcrowd says "awwww"
10:47 amavailable: shipping in June
10:47 am8GB model - $599
10:47 am4GB model - $499
10:46 amcrowd laughing
10:46 amrelisting everything again...
10:46 amthought long and hard about it
10:46 amsteve is stalling...
10:46 amwhat should we charge?
10:45 amsmartphones are around $199 - $299 - $399
around $299 with 2 year contract
that's expensive if you buy and ipod too...
10:45 am$199 for 4 gig nano
10:45 amwhat do they normally cost?
10:45 amwhat should we price it at?
10:45 amadvancing the state of the art of every facet
10:44 aminnovating like crazy
over 200 patents in it
10:44 amprecision enclosures, sensors, desktop-class apps, and widescreen interface
10:44 amminiaturization better than ever before
10:44 ammultitouch screen - 1st
10:44 ampushing the state of the art in every facet
10:43 am16 hours just for audio
10:43 am5 hours of battery life
10:43 ambluetooth headset - very small - looks like a pen cap
10:43 ambluetooth acc.
10:43 amaccessories for iphone
look like ipod headphones. but have mic switch
10:42 amcomparing features, after today, people won't thing those phones are very smart
10:42 amother handhelds look bad
10:41 amshowing blackberries, etc
10:41 amcompares to other phones - laughter
10:41 amhow does this stack up?
10:40 amfades in
10:40 amends call - music comes back on
10:40 amtalking through speakerphone the whole time
10:40 amlooking up in safari for movie now
10:39 amworks like iphoto
10:39 amlooking for hawaii photo - emails it to Phil while still on the phone with him
10:39 amphil needs a photo - steve goes back to photos
10:38 amadds him to address book
10:38 amPhil Schiller calling
10:38 amlistening to music - call comes in, music fades out
10:38 amdemo scenario
10:37 aminternet commicator, ipod, & phone
put them all together and see what you can do
10:37 amgreat having the 2 greatest companies
10:37 amjerry done talking
10:37 ambegging steve for iphone
10:36 ambig believers in iphone
10:36 amtake great form factors and great ui and take them to semless web experience
10:36 amyahoo trying to reinvent mail, spam and protection on yahoo mail
10:35 ammail is a killer app on phone
10:35 amyahoo go - yahoo one search
10:35 amincredible devices - would love to partner with apple
10:35 amyahoo search built in, yahoo imap mail - Jerry Yang co-founder of Yahoo
10:34 amcan't think about the internet without thinking of Yahoo too
10:34 amcongratulations to you for making this a reality - back to steve
10:33 ampushed hard to partner with apple
10:32 amtalking about collaboration
10:32 amwimax is coming
10:32 ammerge without merging
10:31 amif we merged - would it be applegoog?
10:31 amGoogle CEO Eric Schmidt on stage now
10:31 amgoogle - search built in, maps, thrilled with the results
10:30 aminternet in your pocket
10:30 amincredible technology
10:29 amall these amazing things - a breakthrough
10:29 amphone
10:29 amnow colosseum in Rome
10:29 amshowing eiffel tower
10:29 ampinch zoom on the map to zoom
10:28 amshowing washington monument - real picture from satellite
10:28 amgoogle maps supports staellite images
10:28 amafter all the tapping, screen is still clear
10:28 amfinds washington monument
10:28 amhangs up
10:27 amoh sorry - wrong number
10:27 amorders 4000 latte's to go
crowd laughs
10:27 ampresses a button and calls starbucks
10:27 amfinds a nearby starbucks
10:27 amfinds moscone west
10:26 amit knows where you are
10:26 amtruly incredible
10:26 amgoogle maps now
10:26 amtop down weather instead of left to right
10:25 amweather
10:25 amapple stock currently up $2.43
10:25 amlook just like regular widgets
10:25 amon to widgets
10:25 am"this is a revolution of the first order"
10:25 amchange webpages by using almost a coverflow to get to different page
10:24 amstillshowing whole page, double tap and it zooms
10:24 amcan load multiple pages - to move on page shrinks somewhat and slides off to side of page similar in effect to Expose
10:24 amgoing to amazon through bookmarks - dvd section
10:23 amcan look at multiple web pages as well
10:23 amor can double tap screen to increase size
10:22 ampinch screen to increase size of view - using multitouch
10:22 amlandscape to portrait switch is automatic
10:22 amshows the whole page
10:22 amloading in safari
10:21 amcrowd impressed
10:21 amfull screen view or preview mail
10:20 amshowing photo attachments, scrolling through pics, etc.
10:20 amcan look at mail in splitscreen
10:19 amtouch username to call sender via phone
10:19 amsame icons for address, attachments, etc.
10:19 amlooks like apple mail
10:19 amtouc mail icon and you're there
10:18 amusing yahoo IMAP mail
10:18 amand widgets
10:18 amdemo - mail, safari, google maps
10:18 ampush imap - same as a blackberry
10:18 amannouncing with yahoo - free imap email to all iphone customers
10:17 amyahoo mail - largest in the world
10:17 amdemo'ing mail usage - imap & pop
10:17 amswitches automatically
10:17 amEDGE & wifi connection
10:16 amwidgets
10:16 amgoogle maps
10:16 ambest web browser on the phone - uses safari
10:16 amany imap or pop
10:16 amnow internet communicator on phone
rich html email
10:15 amApple has reinvented the phone
10:15 amthere's a lot to sum up
10:15 amsumming it all up
10:15 amcall management features - overview of phone
10:14 amcan make photos wallpaper for phone
10:14 amusing multitouch
10:14 am2 fingers together like pinch and bring them apart and pic gets bigger
10:14 amuse pinch to move photos bigger
10:14 amiLoung: there are 11 apps on screen
10:13 amone photo was supposed to be landscape, he turned device and it switched auto
10:13 amsee all photos, just like iphoto
10:13 amscroll through photos
10:13 amphotos
10:12 amwhen you send it, sounds like ichat sound
10:12 amwhen typing messages letters come up to face you like old typewriter, cool effect
10:12 amerror CORRECTING - sorry
10:12 amerror connecting onscreen keyboard
10:11 amhas bubbles
10:11 amwith keypad to touch message
10:11 ambutton for multiple session SMS messaging
10:11 amplay back in any order
10:10 amplays back on speaker
10:10 amsee all voicemail and click who you want to hear
10:10 amvisual voicemail
10:09 amyou can bring up keyboard if you want to call "last century"
10:09 amdemo of removing favorites
10:09 amIves - "not too shabby, is it?"
10:08 amtouch once and call
10:08 ammake a list of favorites
10:08 amcrowd is impressed
10:08 amjust touch to add callers
10:08 amconference call between the three
10:07 amJonathan Ive & Phil Schiller
10:07 ampush 2 buttons and now a conference call with johny and phil
10:06 ambig icons mute keypad speaker add call
10:06 ambuttons ons screen
10:06 ampush*
10:06 amto call all you have to do is puch his phone number
10:06 amscroll through contacts
10:06 ampush phone button on bottom (on screen) and the screen changes like coming out of dashboard
10:05 amshowing phone, photos calender and messaging
10:05 amdrums
10:05 amlike calypso
10:05 amhearing
10:05 amshowing ringtone
10:04 amquad band
10:04 amwifi bluetooth
10:04 amGSM+EDGE phone
10:04 amexcellent audio quality
10:04 amget 6th instead of 1st
10:04 amvisual voicemail
10:03 amuse contact like never before
10:03 amhard
10:03 amhad to make calls, most people dial or use recents
10:03 amthe killer app - making a call
10:03 amtold some outside apple, showed them and they said "you had me at scrolling"
10:02 amapplause after sum up
10:02 amclear as can be
10:02 ambest ipod they ever made
10:02 ambuilt in speaker for iphone/ipod
10:01 amthat... is the ipod
pretty cool
10:01 amvery cool
10:01 ampicture moved
10:01 amdouble tap goes from widescreen to full
10:01 amsundial moves while loading
10:01 amshowing pirates of the caribbean 2
10:00 amtouch controls to play and pause
10:00 amwhen done moves back
10:00 ammove to widescreen is autoatic
10:00 amvery good quality
10:00 amwidescreen view
9:59 amthe office
9:59 amshowing tv show
9:59 amscrolling
9:59 amshowing videos
9:59 amsteve says he can play all day with this
9:59 amapplause
9:59 amscrolling
9:59 amit is very fast, just like on a laptop
9:58 amplaying the BEATLES
9:58 amturn to landscape goes to coverflow
9:57 amshowing cover art with just touch of finger.
9:57 amclock and batter plus signal
9:57 amcingular logo on top
9:57 amtouch screen and scroll. smooth display.
9:56 amhow to wcroll through artist
9:56 amtouch and they launch
9:56 amicons on display
9:56 amsmooth.
9:56 amunlock phone, slide your finger across bottom
9:56 amcamera with steve's finger
9:55 amdemo....
9:55 amcover flow
9:55 amfind music faster
9:55 amwidescreen video
9:55 amyou can touch your music
9:55 amstartwith ipod.
9:54 amcan tell if held in portrait vs landscape - rotate it
9:54 amturning it on
9:54 amfor display/
9:54 amacceleromoter
9:54 amAmbient light sensor as well
saves power
9:54 amwhen you bring it to ear, turns off display and sound
9:54 amproximity sensor
9:53 am3 advanced senseors
9:53 amand ipod connector
9:53 ammic
9:53 ambottom speaker
9:53 amone switch for slim and wake
9:53 amsim card
9:53 amtop headset jack 3.5mm
9:53 amupper left top
9:53 amring'silent corol and vol up and down
on the back 2mp camera
9:53 am11/16" thin
9:52 am"home button"
9:52 am160 pixels per inch
9:52 amone button on front
9:52 am3.5 inch screen - highest res screen ever shipped
9:52 amsomething for your hand
9:52 amDesign
9:52 amcalendars
sync all through ituens
9:51 ambookmarks, etc
9:51 amhas a cradle to sync jusy like dock
music movies podcast tv photos
contact email notes
9:51 amsyncs all your media on your iphone
9:51 amsyncs with itunes, just like iPod
9:51 amlearning from the iPod
shipping 100 million ipods this year
9:50 amtalking about Alan Kay from XEROX PARC fame - interface visionary
9:50 amon phone and networking
9:50 amdesktop class applications
9:50 amcore animation, etc
9:49 amit has everything you need
9:49 amapplause
9:49 amshows software interface
baby software on mobile phones now
breakthrough 5 years ahead of anything
iphone runs OS X
9:48 ambuild on top of that - software
9:48 amhas made possible a revolutionary product
9:48 amfar more accurate
9:48 ammultifinger gestures on it
9:48 amignores unintended touches
9:47 amuse fingers - uses multitouch
works like magic
9:47 amnobody wants a stylus
9:47 amstylus control
9:47 amget rid of buttons nad make giant screen
9:47 amhow can they take that to mobile device
9:47 ambitmap screen can show ui, pointing device.
9:46 amcan't add a button to phones, doesn't work. buttons and controls can't change
they solved it in computers 20 years ago
9:46 amproblem is bottom 40 keyboards there, make a mess
control buttons fixed in plastic
apps want different UI's
9:46 amrevolutionary interface - interplay of hardware and software
showing treo & blackberry, etc
9:45 amyears of development
9:45 amwe want to make a product way smarter than what's been around before
here it is
9:44 amreally complicated
9:44 amsmart, not easy to use
9:44 ammost of htese types called "smartphone" - steve kind of bla blaing it
9:43 amlaughs
9:43 am3g with rotary dial
9:43 amshows comedy picture
9:43 amthey are calling it the iPhone
9:43 amone device, not 3 separate
9:43 amcrowd goes wild again
9:42 am3rd
internet communicator
9:42 amrevolutionary
9:42 ammobile phone
9:42 am2nd
9:42 amcrowd goes wild
9:42 amwidescreen ipod
9:42 amfirst
9:42 am1984 - first mac
2001 first ipod
today - introducing 3 revolutionary products
9:41 amto be able to change the world since 1984
9:41 amevery once in a while a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything
apple has been very fortunate recently
9:40 amApple logo on screen (2007)
9:40 amnow on to something else
9:40 amshipping in february - taking orders starting today
9:39 am$299
9:39 amSteve - "we think this is pretty cool"
9:39 amplaying demo of streaming content from Schiller's laptop
9:38 ambrowsing content
9:38 amshowing streaming demo from phil schillers laptop
going to show his movies using streaming
9:37 amdemo of connecting to another computer
9:36 ammove photos to itv or stream them
9:36 amlooking at photos on Apple TV
9:36 amGreen Day
9:36 amJohn Mayer song
9:35 amplaying music
9:35 amiLounge: Apple TV display has episode summary text on screen, plus episode navigation
9:34 amquality looks good
better than just watching on MBP
9:33 amheroes tv show
9:33 amlooking at tv shows now
9:32 amshowing zoolander movie
9:32 amthat was a trailer it was streaming
9:32 amStreaming video from onto expo screen - glass smooth perfect 720p
9:32 amshowing the good shepard video
9:31 ammovies scrolling on side like album art in itunes, new flip mode
watch trailers from stream from internet
menu on right, move up and down, covers on left
9:30 amshowing menu
9:30 amand images
9:30 amscreensave shown, cover art
9:30 amuse the apple remote
9:30 amdemo
9:30 am5 systems can stream but no storing on HD
9:30 amUse itunes to sync movies from Mac to iTV - place what movies you want on iTV's local store
9:29 amstream from up to 5
9:29 amstore on HD
9:29 amsync 10 most unwatched, sync them up
9:29 am1 system from itunes set up apple tv just like ipod, playlist and syncing
9:29 amstream up to 5 pc
9:29 amauto sync content from 1 pc
9:28 amvideo, music & photos
9:28 amintel proc in it
9:28 am802.11 wifi - all three - b, g + n
9:28 am40GB HD
9:28 am720p HD video
9:28 amcomponet
9:27 amusb2, ethernet, wi netowrking, HDMI
9:27 amlooks the same
9:27 amwirelessly trasmit content to tv
9:27 ambuy content on itunes
9:27 amWay to enjoy your media on your bigscreen TV
9:26 amenjoy media on your tv
9:26 amApple tv
9:26 amiTV
9:25 amanother ad - same song, different style
9:25 ambright people dancing - different
9:25 amiLounge: new ipod ad with colored silhouettes on a black background
9:24 amshowing a new ad
9:24 amnew ads for ipods
9:24 amzune logo up in fire
9:24 amno zune data for dec.
9:24 amrest had 36
9:23 amipod 62
9:23 am2percent market share
9:23 amstrong lineup of musicplayers
how did they do
november data
9:23 amhope to add more as other studios join in
9:23 amover 250 movies offered now
9:22 amshowing titles
9:22 amapplause
9:22 amnew partner - Paramount
9:22 am1st 4 months - have sold 1.3m movies
9:22 amtalking about Disney partnership
9:21 ammovies
9:21 am350 shows on itunes now
50m tv shows sold
9:21 amtv shows on itunes
9:21 amnext is Target
9:21 amgrowth, now sell more than amazon
9:21 am5th largets music reseller
9:20 am58 songs a second
9:20 amitunes sales up - don't know why they say they're down
showing graph
2005 614m, 2006 2.0b 2x more
5 million songs aday
9:20 amcrossed a major milestone
over 2 billion songs sold
9:19 amiTunes
9:19 amincredible lineup of ipods
9:19 ambecome the world's most popular VIDEO player
9:19 amfirst - ecosystem
ipod nano
9:18 amwe're only talking about the mac today
9:18 amif i die i want you to have my periphgerals
9:18 amim a pc, guy in hospital robe, getting upgrade today.
major surgery
ram, hd, graphics.
9:17 amshowing an ad for vista
9:17 amquote from jim allchin - I would buy a mac today
9:17 amus retail stores - over half of mac sales to people who have never owned a mac before
9:16 amextremely successful
9:16 amrapidly moving apps to run natively on intel procs - thank you very much
9:16 amThank you very much to developers
9:16 amcranking out a new mac with intel every month during the transition
9:15 amsmooth and successful, history making
made os x for intel
9:15 amthank you welcome
year ago up here announced swtiched to intel
huge transplant
9:15 ammake some history today
9:14 amheavy applause
9:14 amSteve on stage
9:13 amEngadget: Steve Jobs' family is present in the audience
9:12 amJames Brown - "I Feel Good" playing now
9:10 ampeople still seating, ushers wearing turquoise shirts
9:10 am"every day is a winding road"
9:09 amSheryl Crow playing in background
9:08 amplease turn off all cell phones and other devices
9:08 amcrowds cheer
9:07 amlots of people - upwards of 2k
9:06 amAttendees still taking their seats
8:59 amThe keynote will begin after everyone is seated - just a few minutes to go
8:59 amAttendees are being let into the hall
8:54 amVIP's have been let in, but all others are still in line outside the hall for the keynote
8:52 amThe keynote is expected to begin in around 10 minutes - thanks for joining us. There will be additional updates to this page as events warrant, so stay tuned.
8:40 amApproximately 20 minutes to go
8:26 amThanks for joining us. The Keynote speech will begin in approximately half an hour from now. The online Apple store has just been taken offline for updates.

This page will reload automatically and keep updates current in reverse order throughout the keynote speech, along with live near-real-time photos from the keynote floor. PLEASE DO NOT RELOAD MANUALLY.

Thanks for joining us, and enjoy the show.
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