- Jan, 2005 - MacWorld SF Expo Keynote Coverage

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lights come up to Black Eyed Peas
that's it - all done
Mayer finished playing
store back up - but under HEAVY load
Mayer still playing
John Mayer - up for 2 grammy's - for 'fathers'
welcomes Mayer back on stage to play song
keynote winding down - store still closed
thanks developers and engineers for working so hard
makes iPod available to a LOT more people
iPod Shuffle ad
dock & case available - $29 each
dock available
shipping today
2 models - 512 MB - 120 songs - $99
1 GB 240 songs - $149
250 MB
charge in the car
manual filling or automated
integration between the device and the jukebox
shuffle or playlist
12 hours on battery
cap covering inputs - USB
simple to use controls
weights under 1 ounce
ipod shuffle - built around shuffle playback - its TINY.
something happened in the ipod market - became most popular way to listen - shuffle
want to make something really great
forget batteries - no need to make music hard to find on player
marketshare of players has DOUBLED since last year
Going back to Jan 2004 - marketshare was decent - introduced mini to go after high-end of flash market
did phenominally
cell phones - itunes client on cell phone - showing sample to the crowd
brought cars to preview - on floor at macworld show
mercedes ofering ipod jacks
ways to use ipod in the car
now over 400 accessories available
amazon's top buy consumer electronics product
crossed 10 million ipods sold
ipod & ipod mini
constantly retooling for new contents
15 countries, 70% global market
70% market share, even with all the competition
averaging half a billion songs per year
iTunes - more than 230 million songs sold
$499 with 1.25 G4, 256, 40 gig, Combo
prices for mac mini: $499 and $599
available Jan 22
most important new mac 'ever'
another at 1.4 Ghz
1.25 Ghz G4
coming 1st half of 05
half as high as an iPod Mini, surface of a little dish
comes with Panther & iLife 05
analog, digital video out
pizza box style
quiet, fw, usb2, video out, ethernet - very very tiny
very tiny
Mac Mini
Next - talking about headless stripped down mac
automatic page layout controls - keep document pretty
table support
integrated Pages and iPhoto browser?
Phil covers Pages features
demoing pages
invites Phil on stage
awesome starting points for documents
40 apple design templates included
all featured you expect in a good word processor
pretty easy to work in Pages
can do almost anything
Pages - word processing
flash output
animation built in - fully automated
easy to use
watercolor effect
animation built in - fully automated
easy to use
new presentation styles - new transitions, animated text
Keynote 2
new from ground up - 2 apps in it
Appleworks long in the tooth - time for replacement
Next - iWork
free on all new macs
apps all work together, so iLife 05 like getting more than 5 apps
there are unknown icons in steve's dock
demo concluded
another Mayer demo
now possible to make your own loops
realtime notation
crowd impressed with the demo
John Mayer comes on stage to demo
debuted 1 year ago - great response - lots of requests
multitrack simultaneous recording added
recorded tracks now as flexible as loops
new jampacks available today
Next - Garageband
iDVD demo over
another demo
_R, +R, -RW et +RW supported
demo of iDVD
one step dvd creation
Next - iDVD
"great to work with apple on great applications"
this is the year of HD @ Home
steve playing with HD camcorder while Sony president talking
apple store offline
Pres of Sony on stage to talk about cooperation
cooperated with Sony - since the 3.5" floppy
sony now offering prosumer HD camera
year of HD
"simplest video editor in the world now edits HD video"
biggest feature - now supports HD video
magic iMovie - select transitions on import from camcorder
more transitions & effects
smaller size available too - 6x9 $9.99
available throughout the world from today on
20 page minimum - $29.99 for 28 pages
adding softcover option for books
button on panel to buy books directly from iphoto
iphoto demo over
open edit controls from book creator
book controls much better - much easier to make a book - more options
slideshow demo
better rotation controls
playing with exposure controls
example of new supported format - MPG4 video
sorting by calendar dates
25,000 photos in iPhoto
ken burns still included
all works the same as on jpg & RAW formats
iPHoto to support mpg movies from camera as well as RAW camera support
add calendar links to photos - new way to organize & search
demo of apps - iPhoto
organize more efficiently - more formats supported
major upgrade to all
bring all the apps together - iLife 05
completely new version of every app
Next - iLife
talking about Final Cut Pro HD
2005 year of HD video
Next - HD
end of Tiger demo
amazing quality - 3 way video chat
sends phil away quickly as usual
talking with a girl in paris - invites Phil to join in

If you have an IRC client, please join #macrumors on server

videoconference demo
uses h.264 compression
ichat demo
dashboard icon in dock allows to either add new widget or to show widgets
translation, calculator, etc.
covering dashboard
cell phone up to HD - evreyone climbing on board
demo over
QuickTime Demo
no matter the beginning format - can support compressions
new codec support for h.264
complete mpg4 compliance
major upgrade to Quicktime in Tiger
have everything right where you want it
mail to receive lots of new features
saveable searching - save previous searches to call up later
search accross all mailboxes instantly
completely change the way we work
album art searching as well
system preferences now
searching for sunset now
bug on stage - steve gets error message - crowd laughs
searching metadata
cross-program data searching very easy to use
searching demo - searching through 4 million files
finds instantly
talking about spotlight
200 new features
OS X 10.4 Demo
tiger - 5th major release of X
on target fr 1st 1/2 of 2005
most successful OS release
14 million active users
next - OS X
finest personal computer you can get
steve on stage
100+ retail stores
1 million visitors a week
hard to hear
people clapping
lights coming down
let's get it started in here - black eyed peas
please turn off your cell phones and pagers
music playing - vertigo by U2
9:00 people still coming into the room

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